Julian/sidereal clock

Julian/sidereal Clock

This program keeps track of one or several of the following kinds of times :

  • julian time
  • sidereal time
  • universal time
  • local time
  • local date

This software has two operating modes :

  • Windowed mode with real time display of the enabled times
  • Iconized mode with background operation

The present time of each kind may be copied into the clipboard.

Real-time calculation (and display if windowed mode is in use) of each kind of time may be individually enabled or disabled.

The julian/sidereal clock may be configured to be launched automatically at computer startup.

Real-time computations are done upon data change (ca. once per second), requiring small computer overhead.

Operating systems : Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP

More information : README.TXT

Current version : V1.0 (2005-06-03)

Download : JLCK.ZIP (1.52Mo)

MD5 sum : afba46875b926f67fba48127f2f3d3f3

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