Desktop Background Slideshow

Desktop Background Slideshow

This program changes periodically the desktop wallpaper using the content of a folder as a picture gallery. This program is intended to work with Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Note : using this program is not necessary with Windows Vista and Windows 7 because the desktop slideshow is a native feature in these operating systems.

This software has two operating modes :

  • Windowed mode used to select the gallery folder and to adjust the settings.
  • Iconized mode for normal background operation.

Features summary :

  • Supported picture formats : BMP, GIF, JPG.
  • Display modes : centered, tiled, stretched.
  • Display time per slide : from 1 minute up to... more than practically useful.
  • Display sequence : natural or random.

Operating systems : Windows 2000/XP

More information : README.TXT

Current version : V1.0 (2012-04-30)

Download : SLDS.ZIP (2.32Mo)

MD5 sum : 775b511c0ee873c0d0a7ab97444c1fa8

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