Company outline
  • LOGMA SA, an independant electronic design company, was created in 1991 (previously SYSTEME P, electronic design office operating in Le Locle, Switzerland, since 1984). LOGMA SA is a small company, ensuring high flexibility and efficiency at low costs.
  • Own scope of activities :
    Analog electronic hardware development (LF)
    Digital electronic hardware development
    Software development for microprocessors
    Software development for industrial PC's
    Architecture design for integrated circuits
    Interdisciplinar project management
  • Related scope of activities (scope of experienced collaboration with privileged suppliers and subcontractors) :
    Mechanical conception and design
    Mechanical manufacturing and assembly
    Automation, robotics and microtechnics
    Semi-custom and full-custom chip design
    Conception and design in coherent optics and fiber-optics
Logma SA at Electronica fair, Munich

LOGMA SA at Electronica fair, Munich.

LOGMA SA | Mi-Côte 19 | CH−2400 LE LOCLE | Switzerland
Tel.: +4132 931 8555 | Fax.: +4132 931 8590 | E-mail : contact→logma.ch